Housing is a  human right.  

Don't worry about a thing, where here to help! below are the resources that you may need for finding your next home!

Family Promise 

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence. We recognize that poverty is a multifaceted problem that requires a multifaceted response. We respond by integrating educational outreach, smart programming, effective policies, and the hands-on work of thousands of volunteers. We provide food, shelter, and support services for homeless families. We provide advice and advocacy for at-risk families to prevent their becoming homeless. And we educate people about poverty and the means to combat it.

New Jersey Aids association 

The Transitional Housing Program has the capacity to house ten homeless individuals at a time for a period of up to 24 months as they attempt to locate and develop the skills necessary to obtain and maintain permanent housing.  Individualswho enter our transitional housing program come primarily from living on the streets, places not meant for human habitation, or in emergency shelters.  Currently there are no other programs in Morris, Sussex, or Warren counties to help meet the specific needs of this vulnerable group.  Without the housing and intensive supports provided by The Eric Johnson House, these individuals with HIV/AIDS would not be able to regain control of their own lives, thus falling through the cracks, caught in a vicious cycle of homelessness.

Housing Alliance of Morris County

​The following is a listing of resources which link to facts and figures that offer insight into New Jersey's housing affordability and other useful information. Please note, the links provided below are for informational purposes only and do not equal a preference or endorsement.

Community foodbank of New Jersey 

We fight hunger and poverty in New Jersey by assisting those in need and seeking long-term solutions. We engage, educate and empower all sectors of society in the battle.

Working together with volunteers, donors and our many partners, we work to fill the emptiness caused by hunger with Food, Help and Hope.

Mental Health Association of Essex & Morris

​ICMS provides a community-based, comprehensive network of support, advocacy, referral and intervention to adults being discharged from mental health care facilities.  Available in both Essex and Morris Counties, highly qualified Case Managers assist consumers with all aspects of the transition back into the community and ensure that they avail themselves of all resources they are entitled to receive.

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