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          The Wealth of Morris County often masks the financial challenges created by lack of income, emotional or physical disability as well as the high cost of living faced by many residents in Morris County. Chronic Homelessness has increased 78 percent between 2013 and 2019.

          Drew University  Is working on a 20 Month research program observing the existing barriers to housing our most vulnerable population. Our main goal is to build the public and private financial and civic infrastructure to support and implement a county wide intervention program. These Research goals will help Morris County achieve the objective that it has set for itself of eliminating homelessness in 10 years. This requires sustained engagement with private landlords after housing placement. All stakeholders will be involved in this research academic scholars, community researchers, landlords and housing specialists, their participation will allow the research findings to incorporate their concerns integrating this project into a county-wide intervention program.

Freeholders Approve Use of County Owned Residences At Greystone for Women At Risk of Homelessness

The Morris County Board of Freeholders has approved the use of nine county-owned homes located on the former Greystone Park State Psychiatric Hospital campus in Parsippany to establish a residential campus for 32 single women at risk of homelessness.

“Our goal is to really understand and unpack what the barriers are at each stage for people with vouchers to get housing,”

Kesha Moore 

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